West County

A charming and natural area that boasts quaint neighborhoods and an artistic community

Welcome to West County

Nestled along the Russian River, West County is a relaxed area that is perfect for those who desire a serene and laid-back life. Made up of several communities, West County offers a diverse array of neighborhoods for potential buyers to explore. All of these areas share a quaint and charming feel, and the natural beauty here is unmatched. 


Largely a rural area, West County affords buyers private properties and large homes. Boasting sprawling new builds as well as chic, restored residences, West County has several impressive home options for buyers to explore. 


What to Love

  • A charming and rural area with a peaceful atmosphere
  • Tons of outdoor activities to take part in
  • A quaint community away from the hustle of nearby cities



Local Lifestyle

Locals of West County live a relaxed and calm lifestyle. Being a private, rural area, residents can enjoy the peace and quiet of their community whenever they please. Oftentimes, locals can be found strolling or biking through their neighborhoods with family members or their pets. At other times, residents venture out to the scenic escapes that the area offers, such as West County Regional Trail. With paved trails ideal for biking and an equestrian trail that runs parallel, there are tons of possibilities for exploring this area. 


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

West County has outstanding dining options for locals to visit for special occasions! Hazel Restaurant is one incredible option to explore. Offering trendy Californian cuisine, this is a luxe dining destination that locals adore. Menu highlights here include the Fried Brussel Sprouts, the Alaskan Halibut, and the Glazed Meatloaf. A cozy spot that also serves a full wine and beer menu, this is the perfect location for a low-key dinner with friends. 


Farmhouse Inn also boasts an exquisite dining experience for locals to enjoy. Located in a breathtaking oasis, Farmhouse Inn’s restaurant brings the products of Sonoma Farms to every table. Offering multiple course meals with plenty of exquisite options to explore, this is a high-end dining experience that residents find unique and elegant. With a luxe setting and a homey atmosphere, this is a must-visit dining destination. 


Things to Do

There are plenty of things for residents to take part in West County! For those who desire a relaxing and enlightening experience, be sure to check out Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. A calm and restorative spa in the area, this spot is known for its one-of-a-kind Cedar Enzyme Bath, soothing massages, and unparalleled facials. Guests are completely immersed in luxury and relaxation when they arrive here. Surrounded by a calm and peaceful setting, the Cedar Bath is an exquisite experience. It features a myriad of health benefits, such as improved circulation and relieving muscle pain. 


Art at the Source is another fun activity that locals love to get involved in. An exciting and inspiring event, Art at the Source offers local artists the chance to showcase their works to the public. With more than 100 participating artists, there is a plethora of art to be admired during this event. 



West County is home to several outstanding schools! There are a number of of public schools in the area, and many of them offer impressive curriculums and helpful teaching staff. One great option for young students is Summerfield Waldorf School. Focused on providing students with experiential learning programs, this school allows students to grow at their own pace and  discover their unique abilities. This top-rated independent school is a favorite among Sonoma County locals, and it is a strong option for families to consider.

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